Cosmic Rose EP

by Cosmic Rose

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This is our debut release, a collection of rhythms and melodies that best capture this moment for us as a band. The songs contained herein were born from a place of tumultuous change, and through intention and resilience they have inspired and shaped this new project.


released September 25, 2014

Lauren Rose MacKay - Lead Vocal, Ukelele
Nathan Carver Smith - Saxophone, Percussion, Vocals
Mike Novak - Bass
Charlie MacGill - Guitar, Vocals
Klaus Ferguson - Drums

Engineered and Recorded by Tim Karplus at 8 Ball Studios
Produced by Cosmic Rose and Tim Karplus
Mastered by Stephan Hawkes
(c) 2014 Cosmic Rose Music. All Rights Reserved



all rights reserved


Cosmic Rose Portland, Oregon

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Track Name: Mind's Eye
Verse 1:
Ringing of the temple bells, echo down the halls,
Spiraling of coral shells, hear the voices call,
Patterns in the spider webs, leaves spinning as they fall,
Unfolding from the deepest well, the Lotus blooms for us all.
The mountains reaching up, towards the sky,
the universe expands, in your mind's eye
In your mind's eye!!!!

Verse 2:
Structure of a crystal cell, the sunlight at dawn,
Force of the water swells, breaks rolling on and on,
The place where the ancients dwell, it feels we all belong,
The stories that the winds tell, the sweetness of their song.
Track Name: No Rain On My Mind
Verse 1:
Lightening strikes twice, no matter where I stand,
Thunder breaks loud, I can only be who I am,
The drops beat down, cut lines through stone,
Never fear, no doubt, I am not alone.
And there’s no rain on my mind,
no rain on my mind,
no rain on my mind
Verse 2:
Clouds roll fast, they can’t block my view,
Darkness crowds in, but I let my light shine through,
Puddles form, drown down, caught up in the hurry,
Never fear, no doubt, not lost in the worry.
I’m pretty sure that I’ve been through here before,
On last stop until I hit the floor,
Will I be ready when it’s time to go?
I think I’ll recognize it when I’m on the road…
Track Name: Trust In The Goddess
Verse 1:
Trust in the Goddess, she knows you,
Trust in the Goddess, she’ll show you,
We are righteous, we are free, Living One Destiny.
Trust in the Goddess, she knows you,
Trust in the Goddess, she’ll show you,
We are fighting together for love, From below, we rise above.
All these lies, will be exposed, In their place, truth shall stand.
Verse 2:
Living this life can be so demanding,
Frequency constantly expanding,
Quaking the earth upon which you’re standing, yes
Living this life, can be quite demanding.
Verse 3:
When the heavens open up, I want you on my side,
When the heavens open up, I want you on my side,
When the heavens open up, I know who’s on my side,
When the heavens open up, I know who’s on my side,
Track Name: Kayalea
I tracked her down sitting on the sidewalk,
People passing her by as they talk,
She just smiled holding her sign:
Don’t need no change, just change your life!
I turned around and knew she’d be gone,
As soon as I arrive she’s moving on,
When the wind blows you can smell her in the air,
Wherever I go, I follow her there.
Neither here nor there,
In the bye and bye
Sunset’s comin’ and there’s one thing
That I’m lookin’ to find.
Neither here nor there,
In the bye and bye,
Kayalea slips away from the
grasp of mind…
Psychedelic colors patch up her clothes,
Ganja stalks in her hair, and moss on her toes
In her smile you can see you way home,
In her face you see your own
She twists her locks with shells of the sea,
In her eyes there’s moonlight shinning,
Her flowers bloom with celestial design,
In her voice stars begin to align.
Track Name: Moon Boom
Moon Boom Lyrics

Verse 1
Chasing the footsteps of the last thought running through my head
Retracing its path, but getting lost instead
Switching tracks, riding on a different train
When I get back I’m right where I started again.

I wish that you could see, what I’m seeing right now,
These things that I am truly feeling right now,
Exactly what I am experiencing right now,
These words are never truer than when I say them right now.

Verse 2
Listening to sounds bounce down the caverns of my mind
While watching brushstroke paint the canvas of the inside of my eyes
Humming the sweet melody of my favorite tune
Preparing for the exploration of the surface of the moon.


Verse 3
With one step I float ten feet high,
While searching the depths of craters ten miles wide,
The next time I go I’ll make sure to bring you too,
There’s plenty of room up here on the surface of the moon.
Track Name: Journey
Verse 1:
Spirits of the ocean wash over me,
Cleans these tired weary bones,
Far across the horizon I look to see,
Their guiding me back home.
On these blistered feet, sun scorched my brow,
Purpose once clear seems distant to me now,
I know we must keep moving, on from day to day,
Look inside to find, illuminate the way.
Spirits of Jah, protect me on this journey.
Verse 2:
Spirits of the ocean watch over me,
Strengthen my resolve,
Ignite the fire inside of me,
To burn once and for all.
The earth that is beneath,
Footprints that have fallen,
The drum to a beat,
Waves of the ocean calling.